Spectrum solution WLL, founded in 2018, is the 100% Qatari shareholder. The company has a limited liability, fully set up and specialized in rendering IT solutions and services. The services provided by us are extensively dedicated to the IT/Telecom sector.


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The Well-Architected Framework comprises of the significant concepts, design principles, and best practices for designing and running critical tasks in the cloud. Organizations can learn how well their architecture aligns with cloud best practices. They are guided continuously to make improvements. The Framework helps organizations build a secure and efficient infrastructure for their applications. It provides an efficient process for organizations to evaluate architectures and implement desi...


spectrum is recognized by multiple Well-Architected Framework solution providers. Our Well-Architected Framework is based on four pillars that ensures that the organization's operational and monitoring systems deliver the best results by continually improving processes. Some of the concepts include automating changes, responding to events, and defining standards to manage daily operations.


It ensures procedures to protect information and systems. The security pillar includes data integrity, defining and managing access to privilege management, and defending systems. It also establishes controls to detect security events.


The reliability pillar ensures that all tasks perform their intended function correctly and consistently. In case of a failure, a resilient workload quickly recovers to meet business and customer demand. Key concepts include distributed system design, recovery planning, and procedure to handle change.

Performance Efficiency

The performance efficiency pillar involves the utilization of IT and computing resources efficiently. Key tasks include selecting the apt resource types based on workload requirements, monitoring performance, and making informed decisions to maintain efficiency even as organization demands evolve.

Operational Excellence

It ensures that the operational and monitoring systems in the organization deliver the best results by constantly improving processes. Some of the concepts include automating changes, responding to events, and defining standards to manage daily operations.

Well-Architected Framework

For the above pillars, the spectrum Well-Architected Framework also adheres to the best practices to guide an organization to ensure the cloud system is efficient and secure.

  • Best practices for operational excellence- The organization operations team must understand customers' needs and challenges. Once this is completely understood, the organization can develop processes to build solutions that cater to those needs. The processes should also include plans fo...

Spectrum Advantage

Spectrum was among the early partners in the Well-Architected program for all leading cloud organizations and today we are a leading and experienced Well-Architected program partner to them. We are a certified Premier Consulting Partner and audited MSP, with DevOps and Migration competency, giving us deep expertise with multiple environments. Spectrum provides in-depth and practical knowledge to build, migrate, and optimize architectures that follow the Well-Architected Framework. We can hel...