Spectrum solution WLL, founded in 2018, is the 100% Qatari shareholder. The company has a limited liability, fully set up and specialized in rendering IT solutions and services. The services provided by us are extensively dedicated to the IT/Telecom sector.


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When Business Continuity Matters, Plan DR With Industry Experts


Disaster Recovery (DR) services helps solve the challenge of moving the data to a secure recovery location with minimal loss. It also must activate the data so that it functions just as it did before the disaster. Simultaneously, maintaining the DR environment, expertise, and ever-evolving discipline to operate such a function. Disaster Recovery as a Service helps during critical times of the failover, recovers valuable data, and workloads at a secondary site for disaster recovery. DR as a Serv...

Data Recovery Service Features

  • Efficient IT systems coverage including cost benefits
  • Reduced costs that are associated with traditional Disaster Recovery solutions
  • Less complicated procedures while recovering highly complex IT systems
  • Ensure minimal downtime across simple and complex IT systems
  • IT systems resiliency increased through DR test capabilities, analysis and points of restore.

Key benefits of Disaster Recovery services

  • Reduced complexity :Backup, recovery and disaster recovery in a software based solution
  • The point in time restore :System state restoration of a client backed upon aspecific date and time
  • Cross hardware restore :Restore systems to different hardware configurations completely
  • Automation for faster recovery times :Streamline DR readiness with automated scheduling optio for scheduled restores, replication and deduplicated copy.<...