Spectrum solution WLL, founded in 2018, is the 100% Qatari shareholder. The company has a limited liability, fully set up and specialized in rendering IT solutions and services. The services provided by us are extensively dedicated to the IT/Telecom sector.


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Build A Cloud Architecture In Line With Policies


Moving to the cloud creates an opportunity to pause and think about how to operate the IT environment. Most enterprises have seen their ability to innovate and adopt cloud technologies slowed down by the rules and operating model that governs their existing IT environments. Organizations have their own set of processes, tools, and dedicated staff to ensure that these environments can continuously support business needs. IT has access to new tools and processes that unblock IT operations with ...

Why Landing Zones ?

The cloud environment is similar to laying a foundation in any construction project. All architects have to consider common decisions when designing and laying the foundation for any building. They all share things like concrete, rebar, and conduits to bring in necessary utilities, like plumbing or electricity. While foundations contain similar elements and considerations, they may have other considerations that make them unique and wildly different. The foundation for a house is concise and wel...


Cloud landing zones provide a clear architecture, reference implementations, and code samples to create the initial cloud environment. This environment will support all other adoption efforts by consistently applying a set of common design areas. These design areas represent how the operating model is supported in the cloud.

Spectrum Advantage

The key components of a good landing zone are common to traditional environments hosted in your own data centre as well as any cloud provider, team spectrum has built unique constructs in the cloud to take into consideration:

  • Standardized account or tenancy - We help our clients define the account or tenancy and structure it to enforce both security and accountability across your organization as your consumption of cloud services grows. We also work closely with your tech tea...