Spectrum solution WLL, founded in 2018, is the 100% Qatari shareholder. The company has a limited liability, fully set up and specialized in rendering IT solutions and services. The services provided by us are extensively dedicated to the IT/Telecom sector.


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Does Your Valuable Data Has Secured Backup And Is Achieved?


Mass fragmentation, data silos, and growing complexity are the results of a fragmented protection strategy. Businesses need solutions that can consolidate both solutions and organizational storage and useful, modernized backup storage, thus providing an efficient, cost-effective, and scalable solution that grows with the organization. This will help manage primary, secondary, and data backup tasks from a single platform and also deliver benefits like

  • Consolidate backup and storage wit...

Backup & Archival Services Features

  • End to end data management
  • Cost effective data protection & archival
  • Unified back-up & recovery across multiple public clouds
  • Cost effective DR on cloud

Backup & Archival services offered by spectrum

Our Data Platform meets your needs regardless of location or data management and hence we have built an offering that keeps migration from on-premises to cloud a seamless and secured one.

  • End Point Backup As A Service
  • Data Center / Cloud Backup As A Service
  • Disaster Recovery As A Service
  • Migration As A Service

End point Backup as a Service

Mobile workforce is the norm now, and there is a significant rise of SaaS services that have become an essential part of businesses. But, these shifts have created challenges for IT team as the user data spreads across devices and services. Altogether complicating the complete enterprise information structure.
We provide data protection for devices working on private/hybrid/remote office operating systems, applications, storage to cost-effective cloud-enabled containers.

Data Center / Cloud Backup as a Service

Proven protection is often required by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Risk & Compliance Officer prior to any production cloud migration. Cloud First and Cloud Only policies are including clauses that mandate equivalent protection policies
We provide enterprise-level data protection for the newly re-factored applications within the Public Cloud (or Provider Cloud). The offering also includes the protection of operating systems, applications, and deep application integration...

Disaster Recovery as a Service

We provide the ability to re-purpose/re-use Public/Provider cloud resources on-demand for annual DR testing or actual DR failover. With the advent of natural and unnatural (human-error) disasters that affects large-scale shared pools of compute resource (Clouds) DR is more critical than ever.
But DR must be built-in vs. bolt-on in the next 24x7 digital landscape businesses are competing in.

Migration as a Service

Many organizations are challenged with how to get to Cloud. Cloud seeding, Cloud architecture, SaaS alternatives to traditional application architectures.
MaaS helps migrate existing on premises workloads directly from existing Enterprise Hypervisors to the Cloud. Migration will be easy and smooth with our deep integration and experience of the application to ensure that data is moved in a consistent and effective way.

Client benefits

Overall, we support our clients achieve the business objective by:

  • Completely pay per use services
  • Data protection that is up & ready in a short time frame
  • Providing a self-service web console for line of business self-service migration
  • Reliable & cost effective back-up and archival storage
  • Delivering governed data and application access via a role-based controls authenticated against Active Directory (AD) or equivalent Identity systems