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Advance Data Analytics Tools


Cloud analytics is a model in which remote computing resources are used to analyse huge amount of data. The tool not just gathers and analyses data it make the data also comprehendible for better business decisions.It could include components on-premise or cloud, or a hybrid model depending on the reduction in the burden. In the cloud-based services model, the entire cost is an opex & variable cost. Controlling costs requires frequent, automated reporting. Get deep insights into your investme...

Key Business Advantages

Besides improved operational efficiencies, Cloud Analytics and Optimization can even transform processes, manage risk, fraud, and regulatory compliance and even help grow, retain, and satisfy customers. Cloud analytics holds great potential. Attention to cloud cost optimization helps reduce costs in organizations. Deploying Cloud Analytics & Optimization is bound to help businesses benefit from cost reduction by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies and attracting and retaining loyal cus...

Scheduled Reports

In the cloud-based services model, the entire cost is an opex & variable cost. Controlling costs requires frequent, automated reporting. Get deep insights into your investment with detailed scheduled reports. The tool provides automated & scheduled reports to show users their latest cloud usage and costs. You can leverage chargeback reports to allocate expenses to the appropriate project or business units for the chargeback or cost allocation.
Scheduled reports to help you -

Forecast Analysis

Successful management of your cloud costs needs an accurate analysis of the future expenses considering growing business workloads. With our Cloud Analytics tool, you can easily forecast cloud costs based on historical trends, current usage, and future growth. Do accurate prediction of your cloud spend with forecast analysis to-

  • Forecast usage growth for current applications and create budgets for prospective cloud applications.
  • Create realistic budgets for each project ...

Optimize your cloud investments

The variable opex based cost model of cloud computing introduces different avenues for savings costs; however, it also requires entirely new approaches to minimize waste and optimize spend and achieve better TCO for the cloud. Users often overprovision capacity or forget to remove the unused temporary resources.
With Cloud optimization service, you can-

  • Determine when to use On-demand vs. Reserved pricing plans for cloud virtual server or storage services.
  • Simulat...


Cloud analytics uses advanced data analytics tools available on cloud analytics platforms to analyze vast quantities of data. Every organization must improve cloud efficiency to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. Organizations may require different delivery platforms. Analytics services can be delivered through a SaaS model. But the results are dependent on the raw computation power provided by the underlying infrastructure. How you use the underlying infrastructure services and how re...

Evaluate Additional Features and Applications

Organizations may opt for additional or new services to improve cloud performance. But you must remember that the extra features and services may impact cloud performance and cost in a big way. It is always essential to evaluate the benefits and impact on cloud performance before going ahead with it to avoid issues.

Cloud Auto-scaling

You still need to ensure that the cloud resources are scaled according to your applications' current needs. The cloud auto-scaling feature helps you to keep adequate resources available to each application.

Manage Instances

While migrating your applications to the cloud, you need to decide the virtual server instances' size. But you cannot improve cloud efficiency without focusing on the management of instances

Cloud Deployment Models

The cloud deployment models must simplify cloud migration and optimize cloud performance. Optimized cloud infrastructures help run the applications more efficiently and quickly.

Optimize Cloud Storage

For every organization trying to improve cloud efficiency, optimizing cloud storage will help manage large volumes of data. While optimizing cloud storage, organizations may create multiple data tiers and ensure that incoming data is assigned to the relevant data tier. It is also important to distribute the workload between spinning disks and flash to improve data storage and control

Leverage Cloud Optimization Tools and Services

Effective utilization of tools that help you monitor and assess cloud performance benefits in optimizing the cloud.

Spectrum Advantage

With comprehensive cloud management by spectrum, implementing a multi-cloud analytics strategy need not be complicated as you can easily switch between multiple cloud environments on one dashboard. Cloud analytics can be chosen as a subscription or pay on a volume of data or query basis. Cloudxchange recognizes that cloud analytics will be the most significant enabler in conducting business in the modern world.
Spectrum Cloud Analytics solution provides you

  • One Cloud Managem...